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Welcome! This BLCD Wiki was inspired by a suggestion from one of our forumers to create a Database for Audio CDs as the wiki that served this purpose previously no longer exist. This database will serve the purpose of providing information for Audio CDs that have been released in past years, are currently in the market as well as Audio CDs that are scheduled to be released in the coming months. Because this is a database created for fans by fans and is lead by HIBIKI moderators and forum staffs, a lot of the information made available here have been obtained from resources compiled by HIBIKI since its establishment in 2007. Some Pages and Items [i.e. Genres, Themes, Reviews, Synopsis, Notes, Seiyuus relations and previous collaborations, seiyuus pages etc.] in this database may be personalized by fans as this database was created with the intention of not only providing an English-Japanese resource for fans all over the web but to give them a space to share their opinion/thought for the works of their favorite Seiyuus, Authors, Mangakas, Illustrators, Publishers, Venders etc. We Welcome you again and hope that you enjoy your stay.

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